Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us: a campaign to demand respect, protection, and adequate compensation for all health care workers. 

The Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care has launched a new campaign called “Rising Up for Child Care!” to demand more government action on child care during the pandemic and beyond. To sign the petition and to learn more about how to get involved, click here.

Support Bill 191: Give Frontline Workers the Support they Deserve.
Participate in the campaign to ensure that COVID-19 is recognized as an occupational disease for workers who test positive here

Mayor Watson: No Pandemic Austerity – Save Ottawa’s Child Care Sector!
Sign the petition here

Tell Premier Ford: These are the actions Ontarians need.
Participate in the CUPE Ontario campaign here

Fix Long-Term Care: support the campaign here and here

Sign on to the OCBCC’s Emergency Plan for Ontario Child
Care in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
, a plan to protect

educators, families, and children.

Endorse Child Care Now’s national Plan to Save Child Care from COVID-19.

Tell The Ford Conservatives And Your MPP
To Support Communities, Not Cuts Campaign

Dec. 6th, National Day of Remembrance and Action to End Violence Against Women

Take Action with the Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare

CUPE Ontario Campaigns