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Due to COVID-19, all CUPE offices are closed and CUPE staff are working remotely. To contact your local, please email cupe2204@gmail.com.


Our collective action worked! Licensed child care workers across Ontario eligible to book vaccine appointments this week. 


Child Care Now Ottawa and CUPE 2204 have teamed up to provide a joint statement regarding how the Board of Health responded to the asks of child care workers to be vaccinated. Read the statement here.


Essential Workers, Community Activists Demand City of Ottawa Act in Absence of Leadership From Province to Provide Vaccines to Essential Workers. Read more here.

Horizon Ottawa
The Province of Ontario has proven that it is incapable of effectively managing the vaccine roll out. The Ford government continues to make choices that are not firmly rooted in science and the available evidence, placing the lives of Ontarians in danger. One person has the power to take charge locally and respond in a way that will keep more residents of Ottawa safe: Dr. Vera Etches, our city’s Medical Officer of Health.

We wrote to Dr. Etches and the Ottawa Board of Health (link to letter) urging her to take action. Now you can help by signing our petition urging Dr. Etches to use her powers under the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act to put in place a better, more evidence-based vaccine distribution strategy that prioritizes at-risk residents and workers.

Join us. Add your voice, encourage the Ottawa Board of Health to support Dr. Etches, and help keep your family, friends and neighbours safe.

Horizon Ottawa


Read the OCBCC and AECEO’s Open Letter to Premier Ford: Protect and Respect Early Childhood Education and Care.



We are early childhood educators, cooks, cleaners, clerical and administrative staff, co-ordinators, home visitors, resource teachers and integration advisors, teachers and supervisors and bus attendants working in specialized preschool settings. We are the front line workers.


Together we are the union. We work in community-based child care and parent-staff co-operative programs in Eastern Ontario. We currently represent 300 staff employed in 13 different child care agencies.

At CUPE Local 2204, we’re one of the more than 2000 locals of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Canada’s largest union. Nation-wide CUPE represents more than 500,000 public sector clerical, technical, blue collar, and professional workers, employed throughout Canada by airline services, the CBC, hospitals, libraries, municipalities, nursing homes, public utility commissions, school boards, social service and child care agencies, and universities.

CUPE National’s many departments – Research, Communications, Equal Opportunities, Education, Health and Safety, Job Evaluation, Legal and Legislation, Organizing and Servicing – are staffed by persons with skills that provide our locals with the resources to be more effective.


Having a union has been an effective vehicle for achieving significantly improved salaries and benefits. In addition, it has provided us with an effective voice in the workplace and in the larger child care community. We have worked with our parents, Boards of Directors and local and provincial organizations in our struggle to achieve a high quality, universally accessible not for profit child care system. We, as a union, remain committed to this goal. It is not unusual that unions have led the way for advances in the broader community and this was certainly our experience in Ottawa. In 1986, the union advanced the issue of pensions for child care employees. After another vigorous political campaign, many child care staff now have access to a retirement plan.