Executive and Staff

Table Officers:

President: Athina Basiliadis 

Athina is an early childhood educator working in the kindergarten – preschool program at the Glebe Parent’s Day Care Centre

Vice President: Carla Tomlinson 

Carla is both an administrator and toddler teacher at the Wellington Child Care Centre

Secretary-Treasurer: Lauren Hamashuk

Lauren is an early childhood educator in the senior preschool program at the Dalhousie Parents’ Day Care Centre.

Correspondence Secretary: Jennifer Dodds 

Jennifer is an early childhood educator in the toddler room at the Taggart YMCA/YWCA

Recording Secretary: Donna Mortimer

Donna is a toddler teacher at Colonel By Daycare Centre



Union Education Officer: Abigail Kidd

Abby works out of our union office at 25One Community on the 2nd Floor of 251 Bank Street